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written by: alf hickey

Who is the Greatest Anglican Evangelical ?

An Evangelical would follow the bible and would deny personal greatness.
We have created an enigma with the construct "Anglican Evangelical," because an evangelical would argue, I think, that we are all just humble followers-relaters with Jesus. Even the seeming greatness of a person is subsumed under the work of God in their lives. Even Paul, one of our "heroes," calls himself the worst sinner. The greatest Anglican Evangelical is a silly notion.

Maybe given that the last shall be first...- it could be the most recent convert to the faith. This must change quite frequently unless our evangelism is ineffectual.

Any great person must be the servant or lowest. Jesus took the whole sin of the world on his shoulders in obedience to the Father to become worthy of the glory awaiting him, he became sin some say. That's pretty low.

Did anyone in Anglican Evangelical Circles achieve that lowness to get the title "Greatest." Must make us rethink how we view leaders. I have always thought of ministry as the poo stick of the church. Teachers, for example are judged with a harsher standard. Leaders have to be servants. No one should really want to do ministry, given that state. It is a big price to pay- if we follow the biblical model- which we don't !!!!

Women With Teaching "Authority"

I don't know where this idea of authority comes from. Is a teacher in authority ? Or is that the job of the elders- or are these the teaching authority. Who has authority in a church ?

I was brought up with the understanding that when a man isn't available. God will use a woman to teach and lead. Men in the church have become particularly pansyfied recently, taking preaching off the streets into the feminised form, to church building shoe boxes. (While Jesus went to the temple- reluctantly maybe, he spoke in the open air, with people on the street, in their houses. Buildings wreak of fear).

Maybe we have missed the point. Its a stupid notion for anyone to want to do "teaching-leading" - let alone a movement of women in contemporary times. Its the poo stick role of the church. You have to be a servant, you are judged with a harsher standard. Who in their right mind would want to do that ? You'll find the problem in this issue isn't the women or men, its the model of ministry we have "designed."

Any robot can do ministry the way the church lays it out, we might as well have autonomous robots on the internet doing it. Is our current model personal- not really. If feminism or chauvenism, misandry or misogyny are ever the reason for someone to do ministry, that aint love, these folk should never be in "leadership."

On the leadership of men. Male leaders have to serve the men and women. Just tell a woman in leadership, that she has to serve men too, you might determine if she is a feminist in motive (I'm not suggesting a witch trial here), but a leader is a servant, if people "really" serve, they're not really going to want to do the job or are they ?

It is in the glorification of leaders that we have found the problem of people wanting to be leaders, be they women !!!

The Topic should read: Should women be under men, when they serve the church as leaders.
I think men would warm to the idea of women as servants- but it aint biblical, the man (Christ figure) has to serve and die for the woman, the church !!!

A re-reading of Paul's statement- ...because man was created first then the woman, might be because the man serves first, because he was created first. But I'm not sure if this is right.

It is in the glorification of leaders that we have found the problem of people wanting to be leaders, be they women !!!

A person who is keen to be a leader in Christian cicles, has clearly not read the job description in the bible !


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