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Alf's Infamous but probably true quotes 2

written by: alf hickey

Democracy is dictatorship by the ruling party with a big majority.

A great evil of western society, is it tells you you're free, then totally controls you !

The system now controls people, such that we are oppressed and subservient to it via dependence. Try doing "anything" and see how hard it is to succeed, move to where you want, be who you are. If you have integrity, you will fail in this society, you are not allowed to be.

Australia is not a democracy in the true sense. Businesses run the country and dictate terms, and these do not value individuals. Authority structures stop any "real" freedom or enjoyment, and the free things arev still barred by distance and money. We are virtual prisoners to this. Also try defending yourself to the police.

Teaching is no longer about learning, it is about the politics of teachers, students and religion.

I am homosexual in the sense, I want to marry a woman of my species (:)

Society or civilization is a design, to say that society is greater than a person is ludicrous. It is the same as saying a car or a tv is better than a human. A group of people in relationship though as a community is better as humanity is primary over creative, when they devalue a member because they don't fulfill the pattern of a design, they value their creation above the person. Christianity claims divine design hence God is greater than the design (us). The quirk is, we are made in God's image, and we make in our image, hence a bit of God is in everything we create. Part of the image though is that created things are under the creator. The only situation, that breaks this pattern is Christ. Is this writing just my design ?

Following something that is popular is a recipe for insincerity. To believe in something on the basis of following a crowd, is a poor basis to live your life by. Yet this is what society is and does generally I fear. The mob.

Music is prejudiced to the deaf, drawing to the blind.

Science, especially the study of time depends on constants. But nothing is constant bar God, and even He can be negotiated with. There can be no constant to measure time buy.

A guy doesn't need balls, unless he wants children. He might need balls of steel if he plays cricket, he needs balls of carbon fibre if he gets married.

If a guy has balls, he'll stick with his wife through thick and thin.

You can only count your real friends on 2 hands and maybe your feet too sometimes.

The next will be the past as the now is served

It may be that dreams reveal that the mind structures memories as experience stories. Why is it, that when I woke from a dream today, fragments from things I experienced the previous day were structured into a story, the dream, be it strange.

Experiencing the "moment" by one's self, when with others, is a selfish idea. When a person withdraws to experience the "moment" they block any person with them. Co-experiencing a "moment" is more helpful and socially aware. To tell someone they are destroying your moment is just plain stupid. A person who is truly socially aware and cares for others will have developed empathetic skills, will even be able to feel a moment in others, which everyone has. To say your moment is more special than another's reflects more levels of a person's stupidity or you narcissistic obsession.

Its easy to tell which people are not sincere and don't care, such make light of love and relationships and go ha ha ha, as if they don't feel or have moved on, it shows they have very little value for others- their life is a false vacuous shell of show. That's why they never grow or learn, they're irresponsible with the souls of others, they lie about their emotions to make themselves look better than other people. They're stuck in the rut of living in the prison of face for others, they can never develop their own identity, they can never be free.

Everything is a matter of opinion.

The earth can be at the centre of the universe. mathematically as well. Just because it is tougher-nigh impossible to map and it doesn't follow clean geometric formulae, which science is so obsessed with, doesn't mean it is not at the centre of the universe. This claim of science is fallatious. Is Okham's razor right ? Is the simplest solution always the only way ? Is elegance really necessary. Is elegance just a personal opinion, or taste ? Who is to say something is elegant and something else is not ?
It serves Christianity better though for the sun to be in the centre of our "solar system" at least, because the Sun represents Christ in the scriptures, and it is only fitting that it is in the centre of "our system."

Science is a pseudo-christian construct, It follows Adam and Eve's dictum to "tame" the earth. Science is merely a way of creating human material and conceptual control over the universe.

God Loves you even if the computer doesn't


Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 10:31PM

are there any humans left?
most people are robots or replicants
and those that aren't are seen as crazy or off the planet i.e. aliens

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