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written by: la bruja

Where does love begin ?
I need to re-evaluate the boundaries in me.. That love is at first limitless.
Ok. Than this is it.
In love there are no boundaries, this way i can go and on, but it would mean that i am servant of love?
Or is it? The point is to discover the limitlessness of love.
The differences that matter is my own validation of what is... i can validate in myself that truth makes me happy. ( becoming a servant for those who seek truth is admirable is grateful and loving).
I guess that leaves out alot..
( those that live in chaos and self-denial, cause harm, inflict pain and do wrong by creating problems that other 'kind' people have no need to suffer. ) I don't care for them who harm me, or make me feel insecure because they are unkind & unloving.
How can some people make me happy and others clearly not? Is it that nobody cares? A simple truth.
Today i have taken the time to care and made a point of listening.
Today i must ask myself is there love in me? Yes, the truth does become twisted... It seems that the root of love is "not being in love". My own mentality tells me that love is conditional and i am not loved if i do not do things that matter to others that will make them feel pleased with me. This i guess , is being a servant to my own self-respect and how it feels... my heart that seeks to follow is entangled in a mesh of barbed wire. This is crushing and unfree and has come from many a cold and calculated person.
I am Buddhist, and love is not GOD in truth, because it is neither outside me or within me.
It is neither without me... why? because i choose to be loved, loveable and loving to all as equal.
Anything else is crushing and unfree, for my own happiness. This is something that nobody has spoonfed me with, instead it is a simple truth. I am a unique and individual person. Yes, i may have to fight others along the way for this merit, physically, mentally or even spiritually. This would all just fight for the cause of my own love , that is so dear to me , that i would be known to feed upon it until i feel sick.
And tragically i have already done that, still the saga goes on... LOVE is a feeling and when that feeling goes away I NEED to find it again!!
I WILL because I INTEND TO. . As i know . I was born of love out into love and i shall be guided back to love.
Love is not suicidal my friend when the priorities are seeking happiness and depth of meaning out of one simple truth,... THAT FEELING WITH A NAME LIKE LOVE.


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