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written by: QuasiLiterate

She says "You know, you're something special."
And what now; make me feel more than before; talk to me?
I couldn't be over-you, but help me under-stand your words.
Tell me I'm more than a boy of summer.

She says "you and me, we're moving in the same direction."
Honestly be Honest, it was never this way.
You can push it all you want, but we're both at fault.
And I never meant it to be like this; we're so much more than this.

She says "Boy, you don't understand, you'll never understand."
And babe, I don't get what you say or why I'm this way.
Where's your Serenity you would gaze at?
All of these mistakes and regrets float towards eternity.

And there was no greater feeling.
No greater view of the world than looking through your eyes.
Shed light on every beauty in you I couldn't see.
And enlighten me on what I see now.


Wed, Apr 4, 2007 at 5:38PM

Your writing has a great flow

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