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A Passage Of Time - A Novel

written by: cajunjew

(The following is a synopsis of the novel "A Passage Of Time" by Adam Jacob)

Based on the story of creation from Genesis and the Jewish folklore found in the Kabbalah, 'A Passage Of Time' follows the story of Adam and his first woman, Lilith, in a modern day New Orleans.

They use magic powers in their every day lives. In many ways it is not unlike voodoo only Adam's mentor, he who shall remain nameless, has the power to change time and stop weather. Their powers are in his image, only less omnipotent. Lilith misuses her power. In her lust for more, she calls out the name of he who shall remain nameless. She immediately ascends to heaven. The anonymous man sends three spirits to return her to Adam but she refuses. She is doomed to spend the rest of eternity as the queen of the shedim (Hebrew for demons) and suffer the loss of one hundred of her children each day.

Adam draws his strength from the soulful Jazz music of the city of New Orleans. When he looses Lilith, Adam older brother Marc is relieved and both he and his mentor promise Adam he will meet someone better. During the High Holiday services, he meets Eve. Adam is reluctant to give himself to her at first, still scorned by the terrifying way Lilith left him. The ten days of penitence prove to help him see his way to Eve.

Meanwhile, Lilith gives herself to the demon Sammy. Sammy plots to steal the powers of mortal men and teaches Lilith how to impregnate herself with their dreams. They both enjoy in the pleasures of the flesh, cannibalism and murder. Lilith gives birth to many shedim who are sacrificed to the vampires for entertainment in Sammy's large underground cavern.

Debauchery and hedonism versus prayer and Jazz music set the stage for the beginning, the ultimate battle between good and evil, and a traumatic fate for everyone in their way.


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