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A Dawn To Remember

written by: arjjones

There is more to life than first steps, amassing wealth for progeny, and breathing. To my discredit, I am plagued by pragmatic chronic optimism. Although it is not of the unfettered variety that hopes for what could be without end, I often employ this ailment as a treatment for the many pains a year's life can bring. Whether known by the names of auspicious coincidence or divine blessing, the events of the dawn of 2008 have fallen to my wizened soul n like sweet rain from a whispy carafe. I feel as though at last, that corporeal nectar we search to find in life is no longer so far out of reach. For once, I've discovered an uncalculated change in my perspective. Call me the former Renaissance man, in the aftermath of a mutated journey. Call me the former junction of the paradoxical pessimist-romantic. No matter what my time to come brings and regardless of what has been, my memory will celebrate the moments within of the greatest thirty-one consecutive days since summer 1983. I end this month unencumbered, openhearted, and overjoyed.


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