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written by: Sweet Insanity

Now it's time to set the scene, to place the character, to tell the story:

Alone on a cliff
Red, Orange, Yellow streak the sky
Sharp grass and dry dirt beneath my bare feet
And a step or two in front of me...
Nothing but nothing, nothing but air

Teetering between life and fear
My eyes flutter closed as I take one slow breath then hold
I lift my heavy arms to cross my chest
My breath escapes with a whisper
And my mind begins to clear

So much in life just isn't worth the value we place on it
The only detail of importance is that we live

I slowly lower my arms to my sides as I inhale
I exhale and open my eyes
The sky is awake with color as the sun takes its leave
My heart begins to race with exhilaration
I smell the grass and the crisp smell of rain yet to fall
And my skin tingles with anticipation

I am alive
I am about to live life for the first time
I turn my back on the sun as a grin shines on my face
My eyes gleam with a wild sparkle
A screaming laugh explodes as I take my first step


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