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"are you asking me out?" (sarah)

written by: babeestars

I couldn't wait until break, news had travelled fast and it looked like everyone knew about Dan kissing me. People I didn't even know had been asking me if we were going out and if it was true. At first the attention had been fun, yer it was me but no we're not going out, but after a while it started to get on my nerves, they just wouldn't leave me alone. What made it worse was because we weren't going out no one couldn't work out why he'd kissed me.

Break was constantly interrupted with people coming up to me and asking questions. Emily looked annoyed "looks like you've made loads of new friends then." I looked at her confused
"All these people, well it's starting to get on my nerves."
"I didn't ask for this." I told her slightly hurt, it was hardly my fault.
"You knew exactly what would happen, you kissed him, you knew you would get this attention."
"It's not like that." I said defensively.
"Oh, what, you didn't kiss him, he kissed you. He wouldn't kiss a girl like you, ever!"
"Well he did, so get over it." How could my best friend be like this? The one person who should understand me. I grabbed my bag from the floor and started to walk away, it was silence at first but then the voices around me started to fill my head, tears my eyes. Every word she'd said imprinted on my mind. "He'd never kiss a girl like you." I just kept walking, I didn't know where I was going, anywhere. I kept my head low hoping I wouldn't get stopped. I walked into someone, "sorry," I started hoping they'd just leave me alone. But they didn't I felt their hands tightly on my arms. It was only then that I looked up to see who it was. "Sarah? Are you ok?"
"No, I'm not and it's all your fault." What was I saying, it wasn't his fault my best friend hated me. What the hell was I saying? Now he was going to hate me to.
"Is it really that bad?" he asked
"sorry, it's not your fault, I'm just, not having a good day."
"Yer, I can see." I stood there focusing on not breaking down in front of him. "You want to talk about it." I bit my lip and shook my head
"no, it's ok." I went to walk away but a voice made me turn.
"Slut!" if it had been someone else I would have carried on walking, but there she was standing watching me, she must have come after me and then seen us together. She stared at me waiting for a response, Dan was watching me to. That was it, I couldn't take it. I broke down, everyone was watching me, my legs gave way and I crumpled in a heap on the floor, bringing my hands to my face I started to cry. I hand grabbed mine pulling me up from the floor, supporting me they took me inside, people watched us the whole way but I was past caring. He sat me down in an empty classroom closing the door behind him. "Why are you doing this? Why can't you just leave me alone?"
"oh, so that's the thanks I get, would you rather be sitting in a heap crying your eyes out in front of the school?"
"no, I," he watched me. "I'm sorry." He wrapped his arms around me and let me cry. Why was he being so nice when all I could do was be mean? Why was he paying any attention to me? The fittest boy in the year was watching me cry.
"What did she mean?" he asked gently
"I don't know." I told him truthfully. "since this morning she's been acting odd, she got annoyed with me 'cos people kept asking questions, about us, so I walked off, and then I walked into you, and she must have followed me and seen us together, and now she hates me."
"Oh," he replied "why, has she got a problem with you and me?" he said "she doesn't have a crush on me does she"
"no..." I froze
"Oh god. The other day, she said something about liking you; I wasn't really playing much attention. And now she thinks I made a move on you to make her jealous." He watched me
"why are girls so complicated. If that's what she thought why didn't she just say it? If it was a lad they would have had a punch up by now."
"Wait a sec?" I thought back over the things he'd just said
"I mean if one of my mates started going out with a girl I like and he knew it I'd either get over it, or get pissed and smack him one." He continued.
"Whoa, slow down a sec."
"What?" he queried
"you said you and me."
"well that sounds like, you know, us?"
"What's your point?"
"It sounded like you meant I was your girlfriend." He grinned at me.
"If you wanna be." I grinned back
"are you asking me out?"
"are you accepting?"
"" he looked confused
"no, I mean I want to, but I can't. Not after what just happened with Emily."
"Oh," he repeated. I didn't get a chance to say anything else because the bell went
"I better go." He said I stood up and he did to. He headed towards the door. He stood there a moment before turning back. "Sarah, I love you." And then he was gone. I reached for my bag and left, hoping that nobody would say anything. But that was stupid, the whole school knew about me breaking down now, there was no way I was going to make it without people asking questions.


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