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According to you

written by: Sweet Insanity

You think you know me and that makes me laugh
You think you have me pegged
You think you know who I really am
But how I don't understand

The word most used to describe... is Bitch
That's obviously true
But don't forget needy and desperate
'Cause now those words match me too
(according to you)

I'm lazy and inappropriate
I'm loud and ditzy and "blonde"
I'm crazy and stupid and all so full of it
Obnoxious, annoying, obscene

You think you know me, maybe you do
To you I'm all of those things and more
When you look at me, you've got me down to a tee
How wonderful you are!

I'm still learning, still figuring myself out, but some things I know for sure
I'm learning with each day that I'm not who you think I am and I'm so grateful

I'm strong and I'm dependable
reliable, respectable
sometimes shy, sometimes scared
Always Loyal

often overwhelmed, overstressed
(I'm working on it)
mostly crazy and fun-loving
(I'm thankful for it)
Always Determined

Overall I know one thing is fact:


get the picture??


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