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And I Dream

written by: arjjones

As the anchor slowly slumped into darkness, I began to wonder...did my ordinary courting douse the glowing cinders of passion like a headstrong wave flooding a beachside fire? I fall asleep, forgetting all I hoped to find. My slumber continued the haunting romance I revered. I had been granted Ahab's chase, to hunt a taunting possession. With barbaric genius my clumsy heart beckons to the sightless dominion of her will. To be invisible is far worse than wanting what won't have you; far worse than the open-armed bide of honest love. Yet uncharted, uncertain,and unshaken I prepared once again to set sail for your priceless shores .....


Thu, May 21, 2009 at 9:22AM

wow, the imagery is beautiful! you had me feeling every emotion, its as if i was in your mind . i loved it! Deffenitly one of my favorites.

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