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written by: jdperkins1369

The smoke in the air makes strange contrasted designs in the sun streaks coming through the window. I light another cigarette and stamp out the previous one in the ashtray that is over-flowing. The anticipation is eating at me. I stand up and go to take a peek out the window, and then pace back and forth for a minute before returning to my chair in the corner. 'Whwn will she get here?' I wonder aloud. It seems like I have been waiting forever. I put my cigarette out and place my head in my hand, and begin to reminisce about old times together. As I reach for yet another cigarette I hear the sound of a car outside, and I rush to the door eagerly. I open the door and she steps out of her car looking just as beautiful as I remember her. As she walks towards me I struggle to find the courage to say...


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