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alfs infamous but probably true quotes 3 (in progress)

written by: alf hickey

People who play the game have no integrity, they are 2 faced robots. Its hard to believe they could be Christians. But then Science basically defines humanity by their ability to deceive others.

Placing people in debt is the new dictatorship, and boy has this power corrupted.

Economics is just a way to confuse people about who owns what. When people get smart, they're going to realise that they own everything and they have been lied into subservience by a few corrupt people who still believe in ensalving others through debt.

People that give a crap and believe in things will always receive conflict and resistance, because there is almost always someone to disagree. Some people think that becoming Bahai, pluralist, new age, syncretistic or positivist, ambivalent or liberal makes them neutral, it actually makes them a sort of enemy of everyone not them.

I leave some gramatical errors to leave perfection for God :)

Creating new things is the goal of creating anything new. Almost every action a human makes aims to create something new, its life, adapting, creating, generating, responding, it our prime directive that keps us alive. sadly we are not aware of continual change, we rather construct it, control it, fit it into words, merely to gossip and socialise. Rename the new with the mundane, as I do even here, destroy the novelty of everything.

The bible in Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun. But what does that mean. Every time we create something, we create something that wasn't there already. Is it new ? I think what the passage is saying is: God knows what is there. The permutations of matter and energy (or what is) has been set. there is a universal set of all possible possibility. God knows the limits of the system, one with which he interacts and can change ontologically at any time he wants- but he has a plan too- so...

Good design, be it graphic etc... is based in the idea that a situation needs to be improved. This means that design depends on a critical faculty to improve what is there. Ultimately a designer has to be able to say, what is there is weak because, and explain this. There is such a thing as talking crap too. Some designers do that well !

Sometimes people say you are negative. That you don't have good intentions for others. Often these people lack reflection. The ability to see what's going on. They lack the spiritual discernment that outweighs their often false, weak perceptions.

Anyone who thinks marriage is about money is a glorified prostitute. If a person wants to marry another for their money, they are a glorified prostititute

The sickest form of denial this society practices is this idea that when someone who has control over your life tries to destroy you, you should get on with life to show them you they haven't affected you. This is why abuse and injustice by psycopaths continues, we let it happen ! We have even designed our systems to continue this evil !

Too much road law, signs and fear creates accidents as it distracts and compounds anxiety that is already there from the claustrophobia and fear of driving on the roads.

If you want to be sustainable, go to bed when the sun goes down. Wake up when the sun comes up. Work at home without a computer in a place with a climate that reduces the need for artificial thermoregulation. Finally eat less and exercise less. Reduce the need for transport by making everything local. Walk if you have to travel far and don't sit, lie down.

Most design is safe and cannot be put on the market unless it is safe. So why are cars on the roads. We have it so wrong ! There are so many permutaions of combinations of variables that can create accidents with a machine that is designed for speed and to have accidents. I always thought design should prevent rather than cure.

You should not fine a person for "unsafe driving," because safety is the responsibility (to the best of their ability) of the designer/s.

Human law misses the point today. Law should be there to create peace and an equitable reference of safe unselfish conduct (order). Unfortuantely "Law" today merely sees your lawyer's skill and your bank balance dictate justice. Further it has made people lose sight of people. The law itself has become the object of fear, awe and worship. People have become secondary. It is like we are under the law, essentially we have made something we create better than a person. It is a form of the posthuman. And can be likened to people being less than robots.

Human law still has a remnant of God and morality in it. But this is on a knife edge now.

God does not define us the way human society defines us.

Sin is simple. It can be defined by what sin is not. Which is love for God and love for people.

TV is more sustainable, better a few actors who have to exercise at the gym, than the whole population of the world wasting their food energy ! But then again gyms are more sustainable because there are more people to 1 tv.

ignorance is bliss, that's why dumb people are smarter

skinny people are unsustainable because they have high metabolic rates which means they need more energy


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