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A night to remember

written by: Stephy

March 23 1979. It was a cruel day. I was on a boat out of England. Alone. I stood at the edge gripping the railing. I felt as if I would barf once again. I was surrounded by town's women and town's men. People I had no clue who they were. I couldn't help but cry. Last night may have been the worst night of my life, but I couldn't say that because there may be worse to come. The German soldiers were overtaking our small town in England. They had intruded into our small house that night. They held guns to our heads and threatened to shoot. They took my father and my brother, my mom tried to stop them but they shot her. I watched the blood ooze out of her body. I watched her lye there motionless. She was dead I could tell. I huddled up in a blanket in a corner.

The soldiers came in again and I was speechless. I could not find words to explain how I felt. I looked at them with tears in my eyes. I didn't care if they took me. They had already killed my mother and taken my brother and father away. What they did to me now didn't matter. I had lost everything. They grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me. I struggled to get to my feet, but failed each time. The right side of my right thigh stinged as it rubbed against the hard cold pebbled ground. I screamed for help, but everyone seemed to just watch from their doors as the soldiers dragged me. I screamed for release as the pain built in my body. The hard cold pebbles lodged themselves in-between my skin causing my skin to split and bleed. A trail of blood was left after my thigh had scrapped the ground. I closed my eyes. I thought of something magnificent. Then that though got crashed by the thought of where I was going. These soldiers had no hearts. No feelings at all. Then they flung me to my feet. I opened my eyes trying to ease my pain. I only stood for a second before they threw me into this boat. They locked it up. I sat screaming on the door for them to let me out but it never worked. I watched during the night as they threw more innocent civilians on. And then I fell into deep sleep. I woke this morning wanting to run out of here but all I could see was Blue Ocean around me. There was no land in sight. Nothing but blue appeared around us.

I stood near the edge of the boat trying to separate myself from the other civilians. The boat smelt of vomit and it was crammed like a package of sardines. The side of my leg was badly scrapped. The blood was dry now and it ached. It was infected I could tell, but there was nothing I could do.
"Now my lady what happened to your leg?"
I glared at the young man that had plopped himself beside me. He gripped onto the railing near my hands. I slipped my hands further down and stared back out onto the ocean.
"None of your business!"
"Well can I do anything to help? That looks like a harsh scrape."
He reached for my leg as if to run his fingers over the scrape. I moved my leg so it was out of his reach. I looked at his hand that he pulled back up to his side. Then I followed his hand to his face. He was wearing a German soldier's uniform. He wasn't like the other German soldiers he seemed to have feelings but ones I didn't care about.
"No! Look I have other things to worry about rather than my scrape. They took my father and brother away and shot my mother!"
I don't know why I was telling him this. Like he even cared. I walked to the other side of the boat. He followed behind.
"Is this how you treat everyone?"
"No this is how I treat the enemies!"
"But I don't want to be your enemy?"
"We are anyways! Your kind killed my family; I don't think it is even acceptable to look at your kind. Not after what they are doing to me! Not after what they have done to my family, my friends and, millions of innocent civilians."
"But I didn't mean to do this to you. I just want to be friends?"
"Well you don't always get what you want!"

I walked away. This time he didn't follow. I was glad. Right now I needed time to think about things. I think I needed forever to think. I couldn't just forget about what was happening because some guy wanted to be my friend. I went to sit and let my legs hang out of the boat! I leaned my head that was full of thoughts on the railing. I wanted to find my brother so much; I wanted to find my father. I wanted to be with them. I wanted o hug them again. It pained me to think that we would never see each other again. I promised myself that no matter what I would find him! But how? I couldn't break this promise? It benefited our family. A tear split my eyes open. I let it out into the ocean. And stared into the forever ness of the blue ocean. It seemed to never end. All I could see was blue and it made me sick.

Why was the world so cruel? Why had I missed all this for the past years? Why had I not seen what my friends were going threw! At least they still had home to live in. At least they were not being shipped away to a place that was unknown at this point. Why had I been so privileged to I have my family for another year. I asked God why me? I am only sixteen and now I have no family and I have no clue where I am, where I am going, or what's going to happen to me. Why is everything so confusing? I know when I turned sixteen that I would gain a lot of responsibility and that I had the privilege to do things I never did before. But I had no clue that these types of things could affect me so harshly. I had no clue that I would loose everything I had, that was once so close but now I was an ocean away from it. It seemed impossible for them to be so far away in a day. Maybe it would be a good idea to get this soldier as my friend maybe he could help me. And if he couldn't I would just leave.

It was a rainy night. The storm hit us really dreadfully and firm. I wasn't sure if we would survive. I sat closer into the middle of the boat. I was afraid the winds would pull me away. I huddled up in my nightgown. That's all I had was a nightgown and a jacket. My nightgown was torn form the soldiers dragging me along the road. And my jacket was tattered on the ends. I huddled myself to give my body warmth on a cold day in March. My tears felt as if they were frozen to my face. Maybe they were?

I tried to shelter my body with my jacket from the rain but it was no use. The German soldier that had come earlier that day approached me came again. He stood in front of me peering down at me. I covered my face with my jacket but I peered up at him threw the holes in it. He gazed at me staring downwards. Then he finally drew his gaze from mine but only for a second to glance behind him. His knees gave and soon enough he was beside me on the deck. He removed his jacket or uniform as they called them and came in closer to me! I didn't resist. I felt as lonely as ever and I was cold too. He wrapped his arms around me, I leaned into him.
"I am sorry for what my people did to you I didn't want anyone to get hurt! I was just trying to help! I hope that won't change our friendship."


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