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written by: choloepus

Follow your dreams young man...
Carpe diem
Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die,
Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.

But what is a dream?

Is a dream simply a manifestation of what one cannot have?
Is it a state that one tries to achieve...but not necessarily hold?
Is the path to achieving a dream more important...more valued than the dream itself?
Can one actually achieve their dreams...or is it a hope...a desire one places in front of them to drown out the negative forces that binds their life...their reality?

Is dreaming an escape from reality? Is reality an impasse to dreaming?
To our youth we exclaim to dream big, follow your heart, and stay true to your passions.
How hypocrite!
For as we relish in the thought of our offspring attaining a goal we once had for ourselves,
We strive in a world prescribed in reality, that drowns our dreams, the binds our escape,
That limits our success to those stained by truth and certainty.

Yet we are satisfied...content...fulfilled.
Even though we may not reach our goals...we followed our dreams.
We rejoice in the fact that we have strived, and conquered our fears, our doubts.
The destination is not as important as the journey...we sell to ourselves.

But what does one do when they achieve their dream?

For if really a dream, one should be satisfied...quenched...satiated.
But what if one dares to dream further? Or change path to another dream?
Are we egoist? Should be hold fast to what is now...our new reality?
Can the ideal of a new dream be so compelling to have us detach ourselves from the road we have journeyed and start on a new path...baring all obstacles and barriers, doubts and fears, to strive once again to a new summit of happiness?

Dreams are an illusion, reality is fact.
But what if you had the power to turn an illusion into a truth?
What if you believed you had this power? What if you believe in yourself?
Should you be chastised, reprimanded, ignored for chasing your dreams...for contravening reality?

Hold fast to dreams for if dreams go
Life is a barren field frozen with snow.

There sure is a lot of snow out there!
I think I'm going to go chase a few to join me?


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