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Runaway Train

written by: choloepus

The train is coming...can you hear it?
She doesn't see it coming, but she can feel it.
She turns her back to it, hoping it won't come.
But it's too late.

Pumping steam, grinding metal.
It's approaching, it won't stop.
Picking up speed, it thrusts forward.
Set in motion by thoughts and deeds.

Standing on the won't be long.
Waiting for it.
It's coming for me...she hears it now.

The whistle blows, it's not slowing down.
Tearing down the won't be long.

I can still walk away, there is still time.
I've escaped before. Hope...fleeting .
It's different this time.
It never stops or disappears.
It just waits for you,
For your time on the platform.

I glance in her eyes one last time.
That will change.

I can feel the warm, damp feel of the steam.
The smell of coal burning.
Hot steel, grease and sweat.
It has come for me.

I embrace the moment
Let go of my fears
A single tear for that I have lost
The truth.

*Author's note: Writing this now, it occurs to me that since childhood, I've had a re-occuring dream of a runaway train passing through my house, aways running away from it, never able to escape it. Ironic!


Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 10:32AM

Is it a coal burning, steam engine like the one in your poem? If it is then somehow an old movie you watched when you were a kid has logged in your sub-concious, and refuses to leave. I suggest Tylenol-3, that should clear it out. (Just kidding.)

Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 10:40AM

; - )
Tylenol-3 sure would hit the spot sometimes!
The locomotive was always the same, the typical black, coal-fired, steam engine that you see in the movies. Almost everytime I had this dream, things were the same (tracks, train, other people in the dream, the outcome, etc.). Strangely enough, the only difference was the wallet! In this dream...I always thought that putting my wallet over the tracks was going to derail the train. Each dream...I had a different wallet. Weird huh?

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