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A Rally Call at the Dawn of the New Resistance

written by: FromBelow

The philosophers have merely interpreted the world; the point is however to change it.
- Karl Marx

Howard is gone, the king after having lost the faith of the people has been sacrificed to them. His bones, blood and flesh have been devoured by the people of Australia. Or he has slinked off to some advisory role in some fascist corporation (sorry for that useless word because as we know all corporations are fascist). Anyway Howard gone replaced by Mr. Rudd. Well lets face it here Hitler's used condom could have beaten Howard out of office (and probably in better style than Rudd). We have a new king, a better one for sure but it is not the king that is the problem really, it is the system upon which his power rests.
Often you may have heard young rebels, communists, poets, artists and anarchists talk about the 'system' which in their eyes is that mysteriously shadow agency in the world with links in with everything but with little tangible evidence. However this system in the lyrics of punks and the words of wordslingers often goes on nameless. Is it because they are scared? Well I am not, the system is CAPITALISM, the enemy is CAPITALISM.
What we need is not a changing of the guard but a rally call here and now at the dawn of the new resistance. Its creation is Dependant upon us, we must form the foundations. What is left of the far left has soldiered on for a while now, half dead, half asleep wandering down overly trod paths across stagnant rivers slowly flowing with ancient blood. As T S Eliot said 'In vacant places we will build with new bricks' and yes it is time to build. The Left was crushed, destroyed during the Howard years, it was like the McCarthy era all over again. The New Left made love and got war, there movement was tramped into the ground and now an alternative is needed to this seedy world of capital punishment and before you say the death penalty is outlawed you must realize that the phrase is a pun, you figure it out.
But while sending out the call we should be wary, for am I the only one who can feel a distance ice pick swinging slowly towards the back of my head with the words Free Enterprise etched upon it?


Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:56AM

Lots of thought went into this.

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