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an angel (rose, new girl)

written by: babeestars

I tiptoed up the stairs hoping not to be heard. "rose?"
"Yes dad." I replied, ok so that hadn't worked. He's head popped round the corner of the kitchen door. His apron was hung loosely round his neck, obviously been cooking.
"How was school?" he asked questioningly, a genuine look of interest in his eyes.
"ok." I said before rushing away. I slammed my bedroom door shut behind me, chucking my bag in the corner and kicking my shoes of. I lay on my bead staring up the ceiling. The smell of new paint wafting up my nostrils. I closed my eyes, memories washing through me triggered by the drying paint.
"Oh rose, you're covered in paint," it was my mum's voice; she giggled as she said it. I remembered her telling me I could paint my room any colour in the whole rainbow, and I wanted blue. So that day, after school, she had taken me to the shops and we bought this beautiful aqua blue paint. And I loved it. I think more paint had ended up on me than the walls. I will never forget that room.
When we moved dad said I could paint my new bedroom the same colour. But I wouldn't. It wouldn't be the same painting a new room the same colour as the room you painted with your mum when you were six years old. Not when it couldn't be your mum painting it with you again. I don't think he could ever understand that. "You're covered in paint." She had the voice of an angel. I opened my eyes and curled into a ball, tears slowly trickling down my cheeks. Because that's exactly what she is. An angel.


Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 4:40PM

Wow... that made me cry! Your stories always have such emotion behind them. And your intensity keeps the readers interest throughout (not an easy task).

Fri, May 30, 2008 at 8:32AM

didnt mean to make you cry
i guess that shows its god though

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