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Acushna's Fate (love)

written by: Lokisenna

"Then why did you follow me?" She questioned with an unsure look on her face.
"I do not know. You interest me. How did you come to live in such a dangerous place?"
Acushna was not sure what he meant by dangerous, but decided to answer.
"I was abandoned as a baby and a Wise Wicca Women name Omi took me in. I have lived here ever since."

He looked at her astonished by her tale. "You mean a witch took you in? Did she teach you her ways?" Acushna looked a little concerned by his reaction and remained silent. Yuri again stepped towards her, now only leaving a few feet from each other. He moved his hand toward her face and she flinched. "W-What are you doing?" Yuri now had a kind smile on his face and replied in a calm tone "You have a little dirt on your face. Please don't fear me. I will not harm you." Acushna was so confused by his actions. Weren't all mortals' evil. He then proceeded to brush the dirt off her face. However his hand remained on her pale, smooth cheek.

Frightened Acushna began to shake. "Why are you shaking Miss Acushna? He moved even closer and kept a soft smile on his face. Acushna was overwhelmed with thoughts. Omi told her not to trust any mortals yet this one seemed kind. Yuri's hand was still on her cheek but now was stroking back and forth with his thumb. Acushna however remained silent. In fear she let out a little whimper. Yuri felt bad and removed his hand. Instead now he moved his hands around her, causing Acushna to tremble. He moved her close into his chest.

Finally Acushna spoke in a quiet meek voice "What are you doing?" Yuri still had her in a hug and said "I am trying to make you understand that I am not here to harm you." Acushna although reluctant began to like this hug. She felt comfortable and stopped trembling. Yuri then let her go.

"Miss Acushna..." but she cut him off.; "My name is Acushna not Miss."

"Okay Acushna may I ask how you survive with those hideous Lycan monsters in this forest? With that she moved away again. Yuri stood there in confusion.

"What do you mean monsters?" she said in an annoyed tone. "Well Lycans are well known for there horrific behavior. Everyone knows that they devour mortals and destroy anything in there path." With that Acushna turned in disgust and began to walk away from Yuri.

Yuri was not sure what he had done to offend her. Acushna was furious for thinking this mortal was kind. He had no concept of what the Lycans where really like. She ventured deeper in the forest to a den. Yuri followed behind not sure where they were going and whether she knew he was there or not. As Acushna entered the den he waited for her to come back out. A few minutes later she came out with 6 Lycans following behind her. Yuri drew his sword thinking they were going to attack her. Acushna looked over and saw him charging at her brothers. She was mortified. The Lycans surrounded Acushna in hopes of protecting her. She stepped forward in front of Yuri.

"Setheris Sageus Gorm" as she spoke those words vines came from the ground and grabbed the young Yuri. Yuri now was trapped and struggling to free himself. Acushna walked over to where his sword had fallen. "Pheonicit Lycianed Meothea" the sword melted into the Earth.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Yuri yelled still trying to get free. Acushna walked over to where we stood all tangled. "You were going to attack my brothers I did what I had to. You are lucky I don't kill you right now."

"Your brothers are you insane those are Lycans...Killers." She laughed in a devious way, "Funny because they did not try to kill you. Actually it was the other way around." Acushna stood there in deep thought. What was she to do with the mortal. She went over to the eldest Lycan who lay a few feet away and laid next to him. "You say they are evil yet you are the one who appears evil. You gave me your word that you would not hurt me, yet you try and hurt my family." Yuri was still in shock. He did not know what to make of the situation. Acushna proceeded to get up and old the Lycans to leave to the Temple. As soon as she knew her brothers were gone she decided to let Yuri go. "Giotues, ehjifn ,ouas." The vines lost there grip. Acushna turned and sat on a rock near a stream of cool water. She just gazed into the water. Yuri still did not know what to make of everything. At first he thought that she was evil but there is know way she could be for she let him go. He walked up behind her and looked at his reflection next to hers. He spoke in a soft tone; "Why did you let me go?" She let out a quiet giggle and said "I guess I am just not a killer." He grinned. Yuri then placed his hand on her shoulder. Acushna however was not trembling. She turned her head towards him and spoke "Why did you follow me?"

"I feel drawn to you. I know not why, but I just wanted to see you." Acushna looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. Yuri then knelt down no at her level. He leaned forward and paused before his lips brushed against hers. Then Acushna caught up in the moment pushed Yuri onto the ground, but he pulled her on top of him. She smile and was glowing. Her hair flowed down her arm and onto him with a silver shimmer. She leaned in and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Suddenly she rolled off him in pain. "Acushna what's wrong? Talk to me." Yuri spoke in a worried voice. Acushna began to growl and night drew closer. She could see the blood moon rising. "Yuri, ahh run..Run" She cried out in pain. "I am not leaving you, let me help." Again Acushna growled and moaned in pain. She had never experience this before. Her once jade green eyes now turned a deep red. Yuri was not afraid though and tried to help her. Acushna arose into the air. As the moon hit its peak she stood in front of it. Acushna's Black Dress now turned White; her silver hair now turned a deep blue. "Acushna what is happening to you?

"Foolish human you should have run when I told you." She then came down and attacked him. Knocking Yuri unconscious. She then transformed back into her old self and ran to his aid.

A week had past since that horrid event and still Yuri had not awakened. Acushna found a rare moon drop plant that allowed him to regain his consciousness.

"W-What happened? Acushna are you alright? He said attempting to sit up but the pain was too unbearable.
"I am fine, but are you alright?" He placed a small smile on his face. Acushna moved the bandage from his head and placed a new on it. Then as she was about to get up he grabbed her hand. Acushna glanced down and saw he didn't want her to leave. So she decided to sit and then moved in closer to him. She whispered into his ear "I am so sorry."

Yuri was already asleep though. The next couple of weeks he grew stronger. Until finally he was fully healed.

"I see you are all better now, and will probably be on your way." Acushna said in a monotone voice with a sad expression on her face. He lifted her head up and gave her a deep long kiss. "Acushna I want to tell you something. Over this last month I have come to realize something...." But before he could finish a arrow shot toward her and just missed her by a few centimeters.

"What the hell?" Acushna looked around and saw a band of villagers circling them. One villager yelled out "Lord Yuri, step away from the witch. We have come to aid you. Move away and let us bring her back to the village for a proper burning."

"Lord Yuri?!?" Acushna was shocked and looked at him in a distraught way. Yuri looked ashamed and then spoke "This maiden is no witch. She saved my life. I command you to leave her be." Another villager spoke in a harsh tone "But My Lord we know who she really is. She is called the Mistress of Wolves. She is associated with the Demonic Lycans and the Dark Crows that plague our lands."

Yuri stepped forward in front of you, "This women has done no harm to us and am commanding you to leave this forest."

The leader of the band of villagers stepped forward and spoke, "My Lord I fear that you have fallen victim to her treacherous love spell. He is not in his right mind. Take the girl and Lord Yuri to the castle and kill and Lycans in your paths that come to her aid."

Acushna stepped forward and spoke "Please I will go willingly but leave the Lycans I beg of you." The villagers began to laugh.

Yuri spoke again "I am not under any spell and I now warn you if you disobey me I will have you hanged." The villagers however proceeded to take Yuri and Acushna back to the village. Acushna spoke in the wind so the Lycans and Crows would hear she told them to not intervene or they may die. The Lycans obeyed but the Crows keep you in sight.

When they reached the village Acushna was thrown into a cage in a large room. "You will remain her treacherous witch until your stoning and burning." A large man said while smirking.

Yuri was taken to his room and a priest was there. The priest agreed that Yuri was in a delusional state and that he must perform a proper ritual to heal him. After the ritual Yuri decided to go along with them. It was the only way to help Acushna.

A week had past and Acushna sat in the cage. She was not permitted food only water. "You wench Lord Yuri commands you to join him in his room for a small punishment." Acushna was shocked by this but followed there orders. They commanded her to but on a skimpy little gown.

She followed the guards into a well decorated room. A deep, scornful voice spoke out of a dark corner "LEAVE US." As the guards left Acushna stood there awaiting her punishment. Yuri stepped forward and looked at her. She could see his eyes were different. "Lord p-please..."But before she could finish Yuri grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. She was still afraid and was shaking. He whispered into her ear "I said I would never hurt you. This was the only way I could see you." She sighed out of relief. The hugged him tighter. As they finally let go of each other she kissed him and he kissed back. Then a guard entered.

"WENCH LET HIM GO!" He threw her against a wall. Yuri attacked the guard and knocked him out cold. Yuri tied the guard up and ran to her side. Acushna's head was bleeding. "Are you alright?" He said while holding her in his arms. She smiled and said "I will be alright." Yuri devised a plan in order to get them out of there. When the guards entered the room and fought other guard unconscious they sounded an alarm. They searched everywhere. Acushna had called upon one of her Crow friend and took Yuri to a safe place.


Acushna knew that the Lycans were in danger and knew she had to protect them. Yuri and Acushna entered an ancient wolf temple. "What is this place Acushna?

"It is the temple of Wolves. I must protect the Lycans."
"How will you do that?
"My blood is the key to protect them. I must bleed out and allow my blood to drain into the wolf statues eyes." Yuri then grabbed Acushna and got a serious face. "I will not let you bleed." "Yuri it is the only way. This is my destiny. This is what I was made for. I must protect the Lycans." "But you can't" "Give me one good reason why not." "Because Acushna I can't lose you. I l-love you." She stood there shocked and speechless. "You can't love me." He looked her in the eyes "I have loved you since the minuet I met you that is why I followed you. You make me feel happy and whole. Please don't do this." She lowered her head and began to tear up. "Yuri I have to do this. This is my fate and I know what I must do. I love you too." With that she gave him a final kiss. She flew to the statue and stood before it. She took the dagger from the stone and slit her wrists. The blood drained fast and filled the eyes. As she fell to the ground the Lycans grew smaller and smaller until they were normal wolves. Yuri ran to her side and she looked up at him. "It's done. I have completed my journey the wolves will live on and so will my love for you." With that she faded away. In that moment the blood moon hit its peak. All the wolves began to howl and the Goddesses answered their cries. Selene, Hecate and Artemis granted Acushna life.

Yuri held her motionless body in his arms and cried saying "Please don't leave me Acushna I love you, I need you." He decided to reach for the dagger but as his had was reaching for it. Acushna grabbed his hand and her eyes opened. "Yuri." He smiled and held her close and never let go.


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