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Alfs Infamous But Probably True Quotes 4

written by: alf hickey

Alf believes in Jesus, not "Christianity"

When the amount of money you have, becomes the basis for a justice system, justice has ceased to have meaning. If law is aimed at raising money rather than creating peace. Law has ceased to have true meaning. If a system is raised above the people it is supposed to serve, the system becomes God, this is clear idolatory.

It is only a matter of time, before the slow human psyche picks up on what is going on and eradicates law altogether and we revert to "debased" forms of the primal animal ! This would merely make reality what is already happening ! We have accepted Darwin's misleading, and it is survival of the fittest. Sadly the fittest is the one who can kill and get away with it- which is most of us. We don't physically cannibalise, we just exploit for our pockets and our ego, we eat others to make us rich. We do it in our local community and in the larger world. The profit motive and business, is the idea of getting something cheap and selling it for more, hunt & kill, so civil. Infact we are'nt that kind, we leave the wounded animal to writhe rot and starve, unable to fend for itself, dying on the ground.

The reason Democracy doesn't work is because the majority of us are passive (we just follow and bow to the "designed" system, rather than design it ourselves). Injustice, lies, sin, prejudice thrives because law seeks to help the rich oppressor over the convict underdog-this caste seem a better investment. We're still just a penal colony. The majority of us are in jail and shackles to the bankers, the law and the big corporations.

Anyone who thinks money makes a person valuable (eg. you're a loser if you don't have it) worships creation over the creator. A thing that is made is valued above its maker. How dumb.

Everyday we are killing people in the eyes of God. Hating, slander, ministry dominance oppressing people with spiritual gifts, bagging out people in our leadership groups. The bible talks about this stuff. So when we look at Grand Theft Auto IV, just keep in mind, its a more accurate version of a God perspective, than what we like to admit. Might that explain its appeal. Another idea is that humans are sinful, and while our law makes us seem to be "ok" truth is, we're spiritually stuffed, needing the blood, grace and sanctification through Jesus and the Spirit.

On predestination.
If anyone claims to be elect over another, they sin. We need a bit more Jesus and Bible and a bit less Calvinist reasoning.

We are saved by grace alone. This election thing might have some meaning for later on, when the bride is fully revealed and manifest. Until then I suggest the lower calling of a servant of Christ and for the gospel to preach to all, that the elect may be reached for Salvation.

Until then boasting of election is simply SIN. We boast of Jesus and what HE has done ! Election has very little meaning for us apart than we should be on our knees, no prostrate praising God for His mercy, and wondering why our uncircumcised hearts are so unthankful not to imitate the heart of Christ for the unsaved.

Scripture indicates that we can negotiate to some degree with God. Can we change His mind ? And what's with Jesus "not knowing the day nor the hour," as the scripture says- that's only for the father.

You can tell when a person is not close to God, they tend to listen to people for guidance without seeking God directly. They act and live as if God was not really there. Its quite easy to discern. What's harder to discern is when a person switches from closeness to God and the converse and making sense of that.

The token test that the Jenson brothers apply to prospective ministers regarding "mysticism and the supernatural" is "was Jesus born of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit." (I am told). Its in one of their Mathias books too, when I was going through CU "Christian robot training." Without faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit, we cannot be saved (all mystical, not some vague deist experience of scripture like some CU people in their ignorance proclaim).

How do you pick a liberal Christian? Liberal basically means someone who is unscriptural in their teaching, essentially they don't believe in the authority of scripture, its more the person at that time in the bible was expressing "their views at a time." I argue that Paul qualified when he was speaking about "his opinion" and when he was stating God's will.
For me there are a few indicators:
1. Human culture and law is valued above scripture
2. Some people are legalistic and love rules and impose this on others reflecting that they miss the grace and liberty, the purpose of the cross. This reveals have replaced God notions with worldly notions.
3. The church follows human organisational patterns, and the notion of it as a spiritual entity is lost
4. God seems impersonal and distant, is not consulted. This shows the person's own thinking is dominant- they don't seek God's will or insight

The only way to God is through blood. As the scripture says "without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin." A prophet might point in a direction that God has ordained, but the blood is the only thing that can restore relationship with God, please God or allow us access to God. This was by the sacrifice in all the prophet's time and all pointed to Christ on the cross, the lamb of God.

Without Jesus' blood, we are sinners and sin separates from God. Access to the blood is through faith, and it is the grace of God, giving Jesus His son to bleed and die on the cross, to pay a ransom for us- one life for another, his blood for ours, by which we have salvation, this has always been the way for any Abrahamic faith and is a pattern seen from the beginning of time it would seem. It is illustrated throughout scripture from the beginning. Now that Jesus has died for us once and for all, there is no need for blood sacrifice, and might be summarised in Jesus' own words on the cross "it is finished."

The opportunity to run a country enables us to make it better, if we really want to, sadly collectively our sin may make it as bad as the sin of leaders, so there is a dilemma as to what is best. When the weaker are the majority, they can lobby for a better deal. It helps restore balance. When the rich become the majority, if they have poor morals and are greedy, the poor and weak may suffer more. Benevolent dictatorship of "God's servants" might be a better model. Sadly we have seen what dictators can become.

Who are the authorities in a democracy ? US. We are Ceasar. So we give to ourselves.
In a democracy it is pressure groups that make leaders do what they are supposed to, they are YOUR representatives. So when you say I am going to sbmit to authority in this society- you're a little deluded.
What about the scripture: "Owe no man anything but love." This seems to clearly contradict todays scripture- sorry for being a killjoy : )

Just realised that sending people these forward spam messages is a great attention getting trick !

While Alf is listed as single the cells in his body are still dividing (according to science) so somehow reproduction is taking place. Maybe not so single (:)


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