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written by: choloepus

I have a twin, living in a far off place
He doesn't know I exist, it is better this way.
Living in a parallel universe he succumbs to the same hardships as I do
But his actions reflect the choices I wish I would make.

He decides when enough is enough
and when to take it slow.
He knows when to take a chance
And when to let it go!

He always chooses the right path.
And never breaks down in tears
He won't break any hearts
And has conquered all his fears.

How confident he must be of his choices.
To make it look so thoughtful and easy
Some days I wish I could be that guy
Making no mistakes...being happy.

But what of my twin from another universe
Does he himself have any regrets?
Maybe he's thinking the same thing I am right now!
Analysing me and wishing for the choices I have made.

Life is a journey that has to be ridden from beginning to end.
Wishing for another track, or a do-over, will not eliminate your mistakes.
Maybe my twin is not as happy as I thought he would be.
By making all the right choices, he no longer has any life to live.

So I'll stay here for a while, making the same mistakes over again,
For what doesn't kill me makes me stronger...or so they say.
Take control of my life, live with no regrets.
For life is too much fun, to be spending it thinking of another universe!


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