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written by: choloepus

The movie is playing...does anyone care? Popcorn fallen on the ground, strewn and discarded. An evening's delight for any night creature. But our attention is elsewhere. As the visions of movie stars and special effects fill the screen, the soundtrack in OUR ears does not follow the scene.

What started with a kiss, slowly turned to more. Our passion erupting, we let loose in the figurative secrecy of foggy windows. I reach over, hitting the rear view mirror. Cursing at myself for looking like such a geek, I try to counter with a suave move of the arm, looking passionately in her eyes.

But she seems disturbed. What is she looking at? Was it my clumsiness? My sweat? I must look like a drenched sea lion lumbering over the rocks, stumbling over scattered rear view mirrors. What to do? I react! I push ahead, slamming my lips against hers, knocking our teeth. She pushes back against the door, me following in a move reminiscent of a swinging aerialist at the circus. My landing does not get any applause, but I pride myself at my precarious balancing act, between a rocky armrest and the stick shift, either of which may give way at any moment.

We continue our embrace, locking lips once more, this time feeling her mouth slowly open. My heart suddenly pulses a half beat faster, as her tongue slowly starts seeking mine. My leg starts to shake, although this may be due to the fact that it is folded awkwardly between the steering wheel and the door handle. The moment is precious and I don't want to lose sight of this conquest, but I must find a better seating arrangement for fear my body will convulse in revenge. I redirect my right arm to comfort the back of her neck, expertly supplying both leverage and a sense of romance, or so I make myself believe. Now putting the weight back on my arms, I press forward, pushing myself towards her, bringing our passion yet closer together, giving my leg its much needed freedom.

A horn blows.

Was that us? Was that me? SHIT!

Now I see she is distracted. I quickly kiss her once more, but the door to this opportunity has closed...and so has her mouth! The excitement is receding, the fervour seems gone. My eyes are still closed, afraid to see what waits for me on the other side. I feel her lips touch mine once more and then I look. She draws me a smile worth a thousand kisses, and I once more feel uplifted and free.

Suddenly lights are gleaming, the sound of engines blaring. Have we been caught? As we both look up from our culpable position, we notice the other vehicles making their way to the exit, shinning their headlamps across the screen, making a kaleidoscope of shadows against the backdrop of dancing popcorn buckets waving their hands and seeing us off.

As my date redirects herself to a sitting position, I realize that this adventure is now at an end. I sit myself back in my seat, and slowly fumble through my pockets for the keys. As my search draws no fare, I start panicking thinking we may not be able to get out of here. And as quickly as the fear had set, a thought so devious turns this situation to a wonderful fantasy. She leans towards me, reading my mind, putting one hand on my knee and the other reaching behind. I close my eyes in expectation of what is to come, but startled back to reality when the engine of the car starts rumbling to life. After turning the ignition, she slowly pulls back into her seat, giving me a sly smile, so cunning yet enchanting; I can't help but smile too. I think back to the moment we just had, and gleefully cheer myself for thinking of coming here tonight. She sits back looking through the window, her thoughts assuredly thinking the same I convince myself. I bring the gear shift to drive and slowly snake my way with the other cars on my way to the exit, all the while wondering why the hell I can't see anything in my rear view mirror.


Mon, May 26, 2008 at 12:20PM

:) I really like your style, some great lines in there!

Tue, May 27, 2008 at 10:49PM

Tks Twister!

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