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Apparently, money is boring.

written by: liavioleta

The point is that a rich little girl with a small minded family has inherited their stupidity:

"Like OMG... Like did you see like her like hair? It's like green!!! We HAVE to like be a bunch of lifeless and tattletale gossipers and like tell grandma. Because there is like nothing important in our like life and we have to like be watching like other people's business and make it like OUR business."

"Like OMG... she is like such a WEIRDOOO... Like I remember when she used to like paint her nails like... (whispers) BLACK. And like you know what BLACK is, right? The color of like (whispers) the DEVIL..."

Listen you little spoiled, brat mindless girl! First stop saying like so much, it makes you sound even more retarded than you already are! Second, what's your mission with talking "supposed" shit and rumors about me? You think I care about what you say, what your mom says, what grandma says, what ANYONE says? I am not concerned with what little rich, spoiled, lifeless, materialistic imbeciles have to say about me or my life.

Since I was a little girl your family was always attentive with what I would do. It seems that their life is extremely and utterly boring because they're always there first in line to "criticize" something about me. Their riches do not satisfy their needs. Their million dollar house doesn't give them shelter like my life does, their Lexus and SUVs do not drive them to be happy like my life does and their expensive boat and jet ski do not entertain them like my life does. "Let's see what she's going to do now! Let's see how she screws up her life now with her "rocker evil" ways!"

If screwing my life up means: having straight As since I was in school and all the way through college, being in the National Honor Society, graduate with Honors, being invited to the National Student Leadership Conference, being offer a Scholarship that would pay all my studies in Europe, win the first prize in a Literary Contest for an essay, being awarded with the Bronze Medal and Gold Medal in Venturing (Boy Scouts of America), being invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society and many, many more achievements... then... shit.... I'm a hell of a screw-up!

And now tell me, what have you achieved? Oh... You have lots and lots and lots of expensive clothes, and shoes and purses and jewelry... wow and you got it all... how? Oohhh with your daddy's money. And you've never lifted a finger to earn your own money? Oh you're making jewelry? That's great! Oh you do it for fun? So you've never experienced what is like to work hard to earn a living? Ohhhh you are so lucky you live in a little golden bubble... You don't really know what is like to live and experience the real world... Yeah.... Who is the screw-up now?

I guess, even with everything I said, I'm still and always will be a screwed-up loser in your eyes because I achieved greatness and intellectuality in my life through my studies and hard work while living in the real word, meanwhile you achieved... nothing, really, you just have money... and apparently you think money makes you better. Guess what? You're not better; you just have a lot of meaningless objects to fill up your house, while I have been filling up my brain with KNOWLEDGE.

It seems you'll never wake up from your fairy tale dream... Keep dreaming, you hopeless idiot.


Sat, May 31, 2008 at 4:16PM

Wow, angry much?

Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 2:42PM

just a bit...


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