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Apparition in a Car Crash

written by: jynxmecrazy

This is a vision. This is a dream. This is foreshadow.

Close your eyes. Live this. Live it before it becomes real.

A frosty sinister night. So cold and so dark that even the stars have taken cover. You travel alone through a quiet town.
The crisp wind enters through a cracked window. It chills your face, so much that it hurts.
Value the pain. Your sense of touch. You're about to lose it.

The clock on the dashboard flips a nine to a zero. Its three o'clock. You realize how tired you are once your tires engage in a battle with the center line of the road. Barrier of wrong and right. Your eyelashes abruptly transform to weights and drag your already heavy lids down over your bloodshot eyes.
Now it's completely dark. You stand unsteadily and call for someone, anyone. You are answered by the fading echo of your own desperate voice. Take one step cautiously forward. Stop. Investigate the darkness. The nothingness. Flip the picture a full one-eighty. Face the way you came. Nothing there. Flip the picture back. Two bright dots appear in the distance. Cry out to them expecting an answer. None given. Steadily the lights grow larger, or closer, or both. They are so bright now that they have replaced the black with white. You think you see the silhouettes of angels behind the lights.
Now the angels are yelling at you, screaming at you in repetitive, deafening bursts. You're almost in the light now.
Oh shit. Grab the wheel, come to your senses. Lead foot on the wrong pedal. Brakes lock, spin the wheel, get out of the truck's path.
You hold your breath; your heart stops. Sigh relief as you feel the biting wind from your near miss.

Inhale. Exhale. Don't relax just yet. There's a tree in your path that isn't going to warn you of its presence.
No screaming angels. Unfair. Turn the wheel too late. Life is unfair.

You are about to experience death.

Close your eyes. Squeeze out every last trace of light in final desperate attempt to escape your destiny.
In your last few seconds of existence, time comes to a halt and every exceptionally beautiful moment in your pathetic life flashes before you.

Playing in a pile of red and yellow leaves with your grandfather.
Pouring vinegar in a backyard dirt volcano with your best friend.
The smell of his old house and how comfortable and happy you were there.
Your first kiss. Your last day of high school and then graduation.
Your first time falling asleep in someones arms.
Your first time holding your little brother and the way his
tiny hand held on to your finger for dear life.
Lying on the hood of your car in the mountains, watching shooting stars.
Dancing in the rain and screaming towards the sky as raindrops pelted your face.
Sitting atop a mountain with your best friends, gazing at the city lights that danced below you.
Cuddling with your mom on cold, rainy days, and the way her hair would tickle your face.
Looking into a mirror and seeing her reflected in your eyes.
The way her hands felt and her hug that was so tight, you could barely
breathe and thought she would never let go.
Your last kiss and how time stood still.
The way you felt as his lips brushed yours.
And the safety you felt when you would listen to his heartbeat as he held you.



Sat, May 31, 2008 at 6:13PM

Beautiful imagery!

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