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A life to love

written by: Vern Palliser

A life to love

Detained, she pondered the gifts

so purely lavished by the flowering seed

that was his noble promise.

The tenure she held in his heart

flowingly reaped the fertility of his love.

A calid embrace embottled in a smile.

A sudden whisper overheard by the crowds,

the passion in his heart too loud for discretion.

Her words and gentle touch seemed to heal his very essence.

And every loving gaze,

to illuminate the darkest confines of his existence.

They silently felt each other's breath,

as a dessert wind seamlessly weaves

the dunes into majestic existence.

So their love became a sculpture

freely fashioned by the lace of their unending devotion.

And as they parted, the scent of each became a lasting portrait.

A physical token of their love's lucidity.

Conflict and hate had tried to undo their binding union,

but even the most unpardoning recklessness

had been unable to withstand a defence of

such sublime proportions.

Purity had been their closest kin,

Sincerity their constant counsellor.

And even when death had finally

appeared to claim her own,

their final gaze became a seal

to their eternal vow.

Vern Palliser


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