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Attaining the Thought to Be Unattainable

written by: OptiQs

Attaining the Thought to Be Unattainable
More and more I realize that life doesn't treat us very fairly at all. Or perhaps it's merely that we let everything bother us to some degree, how can we not? We're only human and we operate on emotions so we're obviously going to feel upset or frustrated when something doesn't go our way...

The people within today's society have set unwritten rules and limitations based on opinions, judgment calls, and shear personal preferences as to what they believe is 'right' or appropriate. Let's take for example, what the world in general claims to be its strongest feeling, love. Better yet, let's take the possibility of falling in love or at least developing steady feelings that could eventually evolve into it after some duration of time, and throw our book of 'guidelines to relationships' at it. That possibility has now turned into an improbable situation. That someone that you don't completely know, yet are completely infatuated with, is most likely never going to hear a word of this subject from you because your friends might not feel that he or she is the right fit for you. Since when do you allow the unnecessary voices of others to control your actions? Try not to let your image or how someone might perceive your image consume you. I'm still working on that myself so there's no rush; though, if you do let it consume you then it's only going to hold you back from living your life the way you want to... and being with who you want to.

If you haven't already started to think about that special person you regret not going the extra mile to be with then perhaps you're better off than the rest of us. For those of us that have let ourselves be ordered around by the absurd and over judgmental voice of society, I would like you to ask yourself something for me. When you decided to cross off the idea of being with that person... because your friends or family didn't feel he or she was the right one for you, did you feel like you were interested in dating the one-hundred or even one-thousand people that were against it? I don't think so... I think that you were interested in that one individual that wasn't willing to spend their life sitting around waiting for you to make up your mind, and because of these borders that are almost never crossed; you might have just given up a shot at true happiness. As temporary as it might have been, it is happiness none the less and at this point in life any amount of that is worth fighting for... In a way I may seem negative as I describe my thoughts to you; however, in all senses of reality I am merely telling you exactly what you need to hear. What I don't need to tell you is that the majority of people out there aren't overly happy or satisfied with the position they're in, you already know that. But does that mean because they aren't quite satisfied that it's alright for you not to be as well? You might be thinking that I don't have the right to speak on behalf of everyone else... and if that's true, I completely agree with you; however, you're misunderstanding me. I'm merely speaking about what I see and feel everyday that I live in this world and because there is currently no alternative for another world to reside in... I'm here writing about it.

My advice and opinions are somewhat filled with controversy and have no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. The points I'll make, to some, will be assumed as hypocrisy when compared with others. Though, in truth, I simply appreciate different aspects of each side. And as of this point whether you accept or reject my personal beliefs or ideas is obviously up to you. I just want you to have it in the back of your mind as you come across or recall similar situations. I personally believe that true-love has no boundaries, age, color, or gender. It is, to put it lightly, an intense and potentially overwhelming feeling. The concept of this sounds as if it exists only in dreams; however, our goal which by the way is quite possible to attain, is to make this dream-like feeling into a reality and overcome the social obstacles society has set before us. Love... It is a period of time that is assumed to be only temporary yet desired to last forever, which two people share between one another. It is a moment standing still in the middle of a highway filled with a race of emotions. At any point during this time, love can be hit and knocked off the road, true enough we've all been there. I accept it; though, I'm not satisfied with that outcome and you shouldn't be either. I am a ridiculously strong believer that if you really want something to work than no matter how difficult it is, it will work because you will make it work. Love is the soul's purpose for attraction... any feelings that you might have for a partner without love being one of them just doesn't work. They wither away and fade into nothingness, don't you agree? So why waste time on the small fries? Eventually you'll end up back at square one as you search for the person that will end your search entirely, Mr. or Mrs. Right.


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