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A Letter To My Love

written by: CreativeSkillz

I think I've found a love for me. Take a walk and see. Give me a chance to be the man your looking for. I will indeed surprize you and fulfil your every need. How do you know it won't be good If you don't even try to sow the seeds of love that have grown inside my heart. Falling appart because i fell to fast, don't know how to stop, but knew how to start, knew how to soar.

It happened at night, walking with you, black top. Let me take you home, spend the night with me and let my love show. It's there for the world to see. I don't care what people think because i have you... And i hope that you'll have me. In turn, i yearn for your touch, your kiss, tender, sweet. Emotions fill me... And it's strange... Because these feelings inside me grow more and more, and i have never loved someone like you before.

So i give thee my love, undying. Until you see fit to take a risk.
With tender words spoken from a chamber in my soul.
I want you to know.
I love you so.

Another one... written... about Taya. :(


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