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A Note on Arrogance.

written by: tubbyvue

When one describes oneself as arrogant, it is merely a subjective (rather than objective) measurement. How can such a variable/concept called 'arrogance' be measured empirically? Indeed, others' perceptions vary greatly between each person, since the mindsets and psychological frames differ, hence subjectivity is too a degree, invalid (unless you can prove otherwise).

You associate arrogance with power. When oneself is conscious of their arrogant nature, yet still obtain that as a habitual nature (through the conscious effort of improving such a characteristic), it is their endeavour for self-esteem betterment; this is a way to gain power (i.e. imposing their arrogance on others, through one way as you described above - "superior amount of knowledge").

A very individualized paradigm; a self-centered person who uses rationale and logic to cope with relationships, rather than emotional understanding and humility. In the end, all that will just amount to nothingness (in terms of happiness), but rather a life of isolation and regret. Just remember that intelligence does not automatically infer wisdom.


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