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written by: Daniel91

I've been doing thinking about some serious questions....What is the soul...why do we dream, what is true love, is heaven and hell real...What makes someone good or evil. So am going to try to answer these questions in my next few notes.

I've been wondering about the concept of the soul and my own personal views on it. Where is it in our our our brains... what does it look like? I can only guess what God was thinking when he made each one of us... But I believe the soul is in our hearts. It would explain why we feel heartache; it would explain why we feel anything in our hearts.

Think back to anything that has made you feel wonderful inside. Meeting a new best friend, having your first Bf/Gf, doing something good for someone else, just think about anything that made you feel happy. Or if there's anything that has made you feel sad Being heartbroken, Doing something bad, and breaking someone's heart.

Scientists try to convince us that our mind/soul is nothing more than neurons and chemicals. But how can that be how can that explain are need to do the right thing, feel compelled to help someone in need, more importantly how can that explain to look for something higher than ourselves.. And why anybody just wants to be a robot. Because that what basically Scientists say we are.

Scientists are quick to dismiss God, they say to believe in something we can't see or hear is just plain ignorant. Well it's in a walk to remember when the main character explains at the end. When he talks about love, how he can't see it but how he can feel it. That the way God is you can't see him but you can feel he's there.

If you look hard enough you can see him and all of his miracles. Am not just talking about, splitting seas or making five loafs and two fish feed 5,000 people. Most people in today's times want to see those magic tricks, am in no way saying there not grand miracles which they were. But God's greatest everyday miracles are a mom working two jobs with three kids, when she comes home she manages to still take time to take them to practice.

Or how a complete stranger can see someone, in distress and try to help them out no matter what. People today need to realize that the soul is just as important as anything else in your body. I kind of got off track sorry...


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