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Alf's Infamous but probably true quotes 6

written by: alf hickey


Jewelry, because great sex doesn't last forever. Jesus ! Because Great Jewellery Doesn't Last Forever.

Today is international loo day, like death, it unites us all.

Declares Monday 12.10.2008 World Underdog Day : )
Oppression for ones status or authority is not love, such false authority in a church is equivalent to murder in God's eyes; the violence God sees in churches.

Alf is wondering how to redefine gender: relative ability to multi-task or oestrogen vs testosterone.

If the church is a house, women who want to 'lead' them want to be housewives

God is the only minister, we His servants, love the only ministry, 'office' is Godless unloving disorder.

Aggression drives all leadership, in women too, its a chemical reality.

Gentleness + oppression = violence & scoffing

If you're over PC give ya love to JC.

Christians are inappropriate (its why Jesus was crucified).

love & ministry/office don't mix well.

Ministy = human important, Jesus second its unreformed & unscriptural.

Ministry- Socially inappropriate- Jesus inappropriate.

"Ministry" creates division, the antithesis of Jesus' love.

I'm a random sort of guy, just a recovering robot, you got issues with that- talk to my maker.

Capitalist shock doctrine (any eco-conformist): how the rich oppress and dehumanise the poor, is it you.

Spiritual and physical poverty = 'capitalist shock doctrine'

Alf was told facebook should be called 2 face book by

Inconvenient truth: Jesus is the only way the world can be saved.

Reality 7: friendship evangelism = embarassed of Jesus.

Reality 6: If a person judges another on the basis of their social popularity, they need to get saved (Matthew 25), reality : ).

Reality 3: God is sad about the world, so why are Xians so smiley if we imitate Him, Jesus was a man of sorrows, joy is not happiness ?

Reality for humans 2: everyone is judgemental, it is how we discern between good and evil.

Reality Quote 2: Redemption Requires Judgement...

They will deliver you to tribulation... will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name." (Matthew 24:9)

Love... rejoices with the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6).

Thinks sunlight is better than the computer screen light.

Leaders are servants so atleast half of the leaders aren't leaders at all !

Half the evil done to me is from unrepentant Christians in the church.

Alf says 'order' is rhetorical crap, a false dichotomy with chaos.

Ephesians says Christians are like Xena.

I'm not a woman, I just turn on another personality when I want to multi-task.

Elect is pride, elected/ing is grace.

Indians should be paid a royalty every time a computer uses number 0.

Alf discovered recently, that coffee is easily replaced by the bible to keep one awake, especially the book of Luke and Ecclesiastes.

Alf is wondering whether global warming would make melbourne a tropical paradise.

Alf says more fat = free beanbag.

Alf if morality is defined by actions, one can certainly be forced to be immoral.

Alf says anyone who agrees with Capitalism can't be moral or have integrity because they promote selfishness as a law.

Alf is Kungfu Panda, the belly is mightier than the claw.

Alf is wondering what not to do today


The tough love gospel !

While God is a loving, merciful, and saving God. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realise that He is also very very angry, so much so that we are cursed with death for now, there is a hell and yes indeed He does condemn. Yet despite this, grace is as simple as a belief of faith in His sacrifice for us and forgiveness with the giving of the Spirit. Enough to avert the consuming wrath of God. But its still there. And anyone who claims otherwise is ignorant of the scripture- a little dumb really. This binary nature of God is due to our sin and the sin of the devil. It angers Him, we are continually giving Him the finger.

I was angered the other day by the ignorance of my Christian friends in saying that is not the nature of God, He's not like that. I explained you'd have to cut up douse with jet fuel and incinerate your NIV, to believe what you do. It just aint true. But they were convinvced I was wrong.

Pagan and secular people aren't as dumb as these. Any secular person, unexposed to Christ and God's ways, will be shocked by His brutality, vengeance, destruction, anger, hate, revenge, punishment, rebuke etc...

Just look at some of the forums. Are we going to lie to them, as if they and we are ignorant of God's reality, are we that studpid, to think they wont read it and know the anger of God ? Indeed how can a person repent ? What of the Holy Spirit's, maybe prime function of convicting the world of sin. Jesus said I bring a sword not peace, I have come to bring fire and how I wish it were already kindled.

In our stupidity, people who are turned off by the violence of God, see for example

are turning to other forms of faith, because they don't get it, they are phased by it, because Christians, in my opinion never taught it. As much as Adam and Eve, we still can fear the wrath of God. It is common to hide after sin, as much as Adam and Eve.

We need not be fearful of our gospel. Yes we can spice it up. But we should not lie as is so common these days. It is our rejection, resistance and fighting God that makes Him angry, yet he resists completely destroying us. How quick we are with the fly squatter or ant spray when they annoy us. God is patient.

But there is a time soon, when we are going to be brought to account, and if we don't have faith in Christ, as our Lord and saviour, we will cease to exist eternally maybe- In the bible its called the second death. Seek God and know Him, because God sent His Son as His last key saving act of love, that whoseover believes in Him shall not perish nbut have eternal love.


Computers are designed to make life complex, so you think that you are dumb, because you don't know how to use them when they don't do what you want them to do. As always human error (yours) is always the cause, not the machine. You are the tool of the plastic-electronic-redundant-soon thing.


a person rejected usually demonstrated love, otherwise they wouldn't feel rejected.


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