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As long as she lives

written by: SNOWonPAPER

JOurnal #1

There the two stood embraced in the morning sun, each ont wishing to hold on forever and knowing that would never come to be. Her purple tipped hair hung around their shoulders. HEr weeping was that of a dove. Both of his eyes were closed as his large arms wrapped around her small body. She had become so weak and frail from the illness, and now emotionally wounded.
As she looked out the back window of the minivan, she saw the house she had lived in for all seventeen years of her life. The house was full of memories of him. He had spent hours hanging out there. He had rebuilt the back yard fencefence. He had shoveled the walk in the winter, and raked leaves throughout the fall. When she was sick he had brought her flowers, and sat by her bed always ready to help.
As she looked out the back windowof the van she saw him standing alone in the lane. For as long as she lives, and probably longer she will always remember his face and the first tear she had seen him cry.

Robert Snow


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