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written by: Daniel91

We had to write an eassy about if we believed in Fate or free will. This is what I wrote.... Tell me what you think...

I believe in a mixture in of two predestination and free will. For example we are driving in a car with God, and we have no choice of where we end up. But we have the choice of what turns we make while weʼre in the car.

I believe in this because of my own personal experiences and how I came close with death. So many times but Iʼm still here but I know how we have the ability to shape are destiny by are choices. Itʼs like your Michealgo and you have a thing of marble which is your destiny. Think about what you thought what was chance, or maybe a stroke of luck. Think about how it brought you here to this moment. And think about the person you were before.

So you have an ability to make a David out of your destiny. Or you could make something terrible out of it. But itʼs only because God brought you to this point and allowed it. So my belief is that we can shape are destinies by are choices. But there was always a brick of marble there to begin with.


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