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a thought

written by: playwriter008

Why is it that now people are starting to agree with us? After I've lost the will to continue in this. After all the battles we've finally won the war, and I really don't care. At least in battles there was excitement, in this steady peace what is there? A longing for a war, and then I fear that this Queen may grow tired of only ruling a single land. And I hate that, I loathe that I think in this way. But how else am I supposed to think? When a desire of the chase is all I've known and I've never caught the fox until now? What good is a dead animal to me anyways? It is without life. Am I to consume the ghastly thing? To keep it? Have it stuffed? its useless. And then...why do I hold onto it for dear life? Hoping that some spark of energy might suddenly arise in it? Its gone, broken, and worthless. Finally letting go, the fox remains ignorant, while I move onto another hunt.


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