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written by: honeygreentea

It seems as though as I don't exist...
until I can hear my heartbeat.

Open my heart where I can meet minds and souls.

Find myself got stuck,
Spread my wings where I can reach Him.

Have no one to lean on,
Believe in my worth, trusting my insight.

I cannot change the past.

Tear out arrogance and seed humility.

If I can love the stars without knowing the vastness of the sky, I can believe in miracles.

Nurture myself, have goal, devise personal strategy.

Somewhere beyond the clouds, behind the rain, there are a thousand rainbows. One is finding its way to me.

A place far deeper than the bottom of my heart.

A place so deep inside that it must be the inner core of my being.

The place where my heart meets my mind and my soul, where I'd find the very essence of myself - the spirit that makes me alive.


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