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Adam (sarah)

written by: babeestars

"I'm sorry about that night. Can we meet? I really like you."
What night? With who? The number on my phone was unrecognised. It started to vibrate, the same number flashing on my screen.
"Did you get my text."
"Who are you?"
"Don't you remember me?" he sounded hurt and disappointed.
"Who is this?"
"Adam." Adam? I knew his voice, but I couldn't place it. "From the party." My sleepy eyes widened. I knew who it was. "I guess you don't remember what happened either." He was right. I remembered talking. He made me laugh, and we danced. He took me somewhere else. Then my memory faded. I couldn't remember where. What happened.
"Adam." I repeated his name.
"I love your voice." I blushed, "I love you."
"Stop it" I told him.
"I'm sorry."
"What happened?" I asked.
"Can we talk? Not over the phone. Properly." I knew I shouldn't. I didn't really know him. But something about him reassured me.
"Ok. Tomorrow."
"It's a date." I hung-up.


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