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Are We Alone?

written by: OurSacredHonor

Have you ever looked up the stars at night and wondered, "Are we alone in this great, expansive universe?" We know that on Earth there are many billions of people just like us and numerous living creatures that share this planet as well, but could it be possible that we are not the only ones?
We must first start to consider this idea by taking the small step off our planet and onto those eight other planets accompanying Earth in the solar system. We almost immediately rule out the extremes of Pluto and Mercury for they are too immensely cold or hot respectively to harbor life. However, between Mercury and us on Earth lies the planet Venus. A few million years ago, when the sun would have been some forty percent cooler than it is today Venus may have housed liquid oceans and a mild climate similar to that here on Earth. This speculation coupled with the possibility of life on Mars as well begs the question, may we have had living neighbors in that past much closer than we ever expected? What if intelligent life had lived on Venus before our time? After all, they did discover what appeared to be a fossilized bacteria-like creature on Mars. What if men where from Mars and women were from Venus?
OK, so maybe that's a little far fetched, but there is yet another step to be taken. If the step onto the moon was "a giant leap for mankind," than this is an unprecedented flight for all things living: the step out of our solar system into the Milky May galaxy...or even further, beyond the bounds of our galaxy and into the vastness that is the infinite universe. This seemingly boundless cosmos is immeasurable. So I must ask the question again, are we alone? Is it possible that there is intelligent life an infinite number of light years away wondering the same questions we are right now? What is the probability that in an infinite amount of space with billions upon billions of stars and planets that there is not one single planet that has been fortunate enough as we are to host such an abundance of life? What if there are intelligent beings on other planets that are capable of technological feats we have only dreamed of and seen in science fiction movies? What if they were able to travel the galaxy effortlessly in the matter of seconds? What if they are watching us right now at this very moment laughing at how pitiful the human race is?
Maybe it will be the exact opposite. Maybe one day in the near future we will discover the beginnings of life on another planet, resembling earth many millions of years ago. What would these creatures be like? Humanoids that walked on two legs that were grey with large, odd shaped heads like those bad sci-fi movies? Or would they be less evolved animal-like creatures that roamed their planet like the dinosaurs of ancient times? Maybe all these possible scenarios exist in millions of instances spread apart by an infinite number of light years.
I ask these questions of myself, and of you to initiate an intense thought process, one that is filled with doubt and wonder, fact and imagination. Many times it is the journey that is more amazing than the destination, so I ask you to enjoy this precious time inquiring about the infinite universe because it may not be long before we have all the answers. People often stand beside the ocean, because it makes them feel small and puts their life in perspective. I ask you too look further than the ocean and look up at the stars. So as you, the tiny little granule of universal sand that you are looks out into the limitless reaches of space and asks, "Are there others out there?" simply tell yourself, "Why not?"


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