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A Call of Duty

written by: emrald hunter

A Call of Duty:

First Day of War (rough draft) Part One-
October, 1939: 9:03 a.m.


I thought we had an airport, but apparently we don't. very few countries have them. i guess were one of them.

An airport in those days wasn't exactly an airport, it was just a place were you could pay for a ride to a distant town or village.

I continued to drive on the rough dirt road which eventually led me to the town's train station.

It wasn't big like some, but i cared about was whether or not this place actually had a train.

Then i saw it, large black train, coming down the tracks towards the train station.

it was bigger than i thought, i had to admit.

It was probably long enough to hold at least two hundred people or more.

i got a ticket and waited for the train.

Finally the train stopped and climbed aboard, i wished there was somebody there who would say goodbye.

but who was i kidding.

my wife died two years ago in a fire, and he had no other family.

at least none that he could think of...........


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