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And you still love me

written by: drivenbyadream

My mind just cannot fathom your love.

Every time I walk away from you, I find you still there when I return. With nothing but a simple smile and open arms. And you still love me.

When I chase the world and what it has to offer, when I chase nothingness and forget you, you wait patiently for me to come back. And you still love me.

Even when I make promises to you and break them, you're faithful to my unfaithfulness. And you still love me.

When I all I can see is my failings and flaws and brokenness, you're there to call my worthy. And you still love me.

No matter what I do or say or think, you're there with your ever present love. When I think of it in depth, I'm driven to my knees and I can only be grateful I know you. I try and try to love you like you do. And you still love me.

Dedicated to God, the One, the Only and the Greatest.


Wed, May 6, 2009 at 9:39PM

This was beautiful. A great description of God the Father.
This indeed, is true love.

Thu, May 7, 2009 at 6:09AM

Thank you! So good to hear someone that agrees!

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