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A Perfect Evening

written by: vinitasingh03

There she stood, with her open curly hair shoulder length. She was wearing, her long black shirt with pink and purple designs on it, with leggings on. She felt the nice cool breeze with the wind, coming towards her face. As she stood, outside she was surrounded with big green trees, and small plants. She watched the splash in the pool, go high up with the sound of water around her. There were the birds chirping nearby, the sound of the water fountain running. The young lady noticed the colored flowers infront of the dark house. Couples chatting with one another, with drinks or crackers in their hands. Little children running around her and some splashing the water in the pool. Then suddenly the hard blown wind came towards her when she slightly moved to the other side. The noise of the people talking, the wind blowing, the birds chirping, the pool splashing, made her feel lively yet cool and relaxed. Watching the children run around and play in the pool made her want to dive in the water.
Then came dinner, with salad, and bread, and rice. The young lady, after eating dinner got her camera out. She took pictures of couples, pictures of the men. and more pictures of the little children.
She also conversed freely here and there introducing herself to couples and chatting away, about what she liked and what she loved. Giving advice to some girls about success and happiness.
She could feel the air surrounding her with warmth as the evening turned into the night. The blue sky turning dark. The sunlight fading away into darkness. Althought night had come, she felt the noise of the surrounding and the children playing, and everyone finishing dinner, and having cookies, made it an evening to remember. She felt it was a perfect evening.

Vinita Singh June 6,2009


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