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Alfs infamous but probably true quotes 8

written by: alf hickey

Hudson said: "the world is one big curry fart atm" (automated teller machine-hole in the wall in UK)
Alf replied: "This is right, truly a chasing after the wind."


A. On calling: "all humans are sinners."
1. Jesus was a human and was sinless (despite also being God) yet when he took our sin he became sin/a sinner for us, tricky !
2. The assumption that all humans are sinners, imples that there is no way out of sin, that one is always a sinner. This means there would be no point aiming for anything else we would be eternally damned by a God who cannot tolerate sin/ no love/rejection.
3. The statement assumes when we are sanctified and are given new bodies (which Paul would suggest is the source of our) SIN orginal sin, we will not be humans anymore- this might be a problem with the definition of human. Is human the biblical understanding of who or what we are ?
4. God forgives and forgets our sin as far as the east is from the west, so the God referentiality in the statement is lost.
5. The plural of humans and sinners, assumes that we are treated collectively, yet judgement is for the most part individual- now, this can be debated, as the world is weighed down by our sins against God..
6. The time reference is eternal and forever in the statement. Yet sin, which is giving God the finger, is neither eternal or forever as God will not strive with people forever. Adam also was not created with sin. Yet after Adam the nature of sin seems to become universal apart from Christ.
7. The statement might be rhetorical, like a universalist... Read More position like: all humans are...saved. The problem here is with the language. Yes we are all saved through Christ, and we are all sinners when we rebel against God.
8. The statement assumes a position of judgment, which might be God's final call. Yet we are told to make judgments here on earth. The meaning of the statement should be emphasised more than the judgment.
9. If we were in a state of love, loving God, we should look for the best in people, so the blanket statement and position(depending on the context) would sound like the sum position of th person saying it. This would make it unloving. Humans are...potentially beautiful, the..
apple of God's eye,...potentially children of the living God, act subhuman when we destroy and ignore or reject who we are being made in the image of God. Sin is one part of a bigger picture.
10. The statement assumes that people are all the time rebelling against God, but they are not. At times humans are loving towards God, and He is pleased with what we do. To say humans are sinners, is to negate the fact that humans sometimes are not- despite what the scripture says about our best works being like dirty rags. The context of scriptures should be considered. Because there are plenty of scriptures where humans please God.
11. As Christians the person's aim is to tell the gospel, not accuse people of sin, the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin, so does the word. To use blanket statements like this without a context of Jesus is not useful
12. Statements like this can defer responsibilility for sin. Suggesting that we are and can never escape from sin. In an active way, this would
make a lot of scripture meaningless like: be perfect as I am perfect, don't resist the Spirit, the Spirit is willing but the flesh is week, resist the devil and he will flee etc...
13. Humans are...sinful assumes that this is the natural state of a person, yet the whole point of scripture is that sin is the enemy of what is a human, why Jesus in His perfection as a human, restores the true state of "human," becoming the second Adam.



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